The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 657

Recently, I read that G.O’s Seopyeonje co-star Cha Ji Yeon (who was currently in latest production of the musical) won a Korean Culture Entertainment Award for her role as the compelling Song Hwa. That just opened the Seopyeonje flood gates for me all over again and I decided to share (most likely again and perhaps more than once), one G.O’s magnificent performances of My Life Is Gone captured on video because the Vocal Virtuosity vault has plenty of room to accommodate this amazing song from the masterpiece musical.

Composer Ilsang wrote a beautiful and touching ballad for Dong Ho to sing as he contemplated the sad trajectory his life took after he left his sister to find his own voice and pursue his own dreams. Incarcerated, he sings of his life being gone. His dreams too, also gone. Dong Ho laments that by leaving he will never see his sister again and asks . . .

왜 추억은 힘들까 왜 꿈은 불안할까
[Why are memories difficult, why are dreams uneasy]

And then later asks . . .

왜 기억은 아플까 왜 삶은 불안할까
[Why are memories painful, why is life uneasy]

I am not sure G.O’s voice could be any more perfect. This role, the music, everything ~ all a perfect fit.

For me, the character of Dong Ho falls into that same category as Shakespeare’s Romeo. Idealistic, headstrong and defiant but flawed when weakened by adversity. There is a tenderness about them that evokes sympathy, however. We cheer for them and want them to succeed: Romeo in his love for Juliet, and Dong Ho in his desire to discover and pursue his own voice.

As you all know, I am all for G.O reprising his role as Dong Ho in Seopyeonje if the opportunity arises. However, I will give up that wish in a second to see him play Romeo in a musical version of the Shakespearean play.

Can you even imagine?


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