The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 656

It is true that G.O’s mellifluous voice is what often captures our attention first and foremost in connection with his artistry. It is his voice that he has tamed and trained, nurtured and developed. Indeed, G.O’s voice is the instrument he has undoubtedly mastered. But, he has proved that he knows his way around a couple of other musical instruments and back on 21 January 2011, he gave us a playful taste of his piano prowess during and MBC Best Friends Radio program.

I will admit that G.O is not Yang Seung Ho when it comes to playing the piano. Is anyone really? But, I have to say that I was duly impressed by G.O’s ability to tickle the ivories and if you recall from Couples Clinic, he actually plays quite well. In the MBC studios back in January 2011, it was all about a quick playful moment when G.O took a seat at the piano.

Cheeky. Playful. But still impressive.

A gorgeous man having fun while seated at a gorgeous piano is my idea of a gorgeous moment. Absolutely. Hopefully revisiting this delightful moment gives you reason to smile on this first Monday of December!

75 more days, Mr. Gorgeous!


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