The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 651

Some of you may know this about me but in the world outside of my dedicated fangirl duties, I have been for some time and currently am an executive legal secretary in a law firm. So the notion of G.O participating in a variety program that placed him in a position of novice attorney is something I could absolutely appreciate. I have been around brilliant minds and venture to say that had he pursued a career in law, G.O would probably have made a formidable attorney. Attorneys are generally very quick thinkers and are persuasive. I would say G.O has those covered.^^ I must confess however that I have never had the privilege of working along side an attorney that has had his kind of charisma. Furthermore, I have yet to see an attorney light up a courtroom with the kind of hip groove G.O gave viewers during his stint on the MBC legal variety program, 연애 위자료 청구사건 [Dating Alimony Case]. For today then, a playful moment from the courtroom which also doubles as a G.O ~ Juri moment since, well they were both on the show and briefly shared the spotlight together.

I have to be honest when I say I am clueless about this show. But from watching a little bit of it, I kind of understand the premise . . . sort of . . . a little bit. Two couples present their cases to a mock television court of sorts which are then argued by a team of celebrity attorneys. G.O was on the legal team lead by MC, comedian and radio host, Kim Gura. Outside of the frivolity of being a variety program, it almost felt like actual legal proceeding complete with a plaintiff, defendant, and fact witnesses. Furthermore, the entire process seemed to be presided over by a group of actual justices, lawyers and law students.

I believe this was the pilot episode for the show which aired on 2 February 2011. However, I do not think there were any subsequent episodes. I have not found it subbed, but if it is out there, please leave a link in the comments section below.

But, enough about trying to figure it out. I just want to single out G.O’s cute dance break to BEG’s Abracadabra. Yes, it actually borders on the sexy simply because he looks so amazing in that black on black suit and stylish frames. Quite frankly, attorney Byung Hee should be held in contempt of court for taunting us with his sweet moves.

Order in the court, sir!!! You are distracting the jury! And speaking of jury, it seems Jung Juri herself could not fight the urge to dance along. The best part is how G.O seemed unaffected by the response remaining ever dead-panned. Inasmuch as an attorney’s weapons may be the skillful way in which he or she can dissect the facts of case as well as possessing great oratory skills, a poker face in the courtroom amid chaos is pretty effective as well.


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