The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 650


We have arrived at the letter S of The ABC’s of G.O. And yes, I am going there. Initially, I told myself, ‘no, you are not going to make it simple and state the obvious: S is for Sexy,’ as I have spent many blog posts stating such and quite frankly, it would be redundant. But I have issued all kinds of redundancy during this countdown series as well as throughout the blog overall when it comes to my ability to excessively (and with good reason) compliment G.O. Furthermore, I have shown no desire to curb or control it. I call that fangirl license. So in the spirit of fangirl license, I take the easy route today with Sexy as my choice of adjective to describe the ever-alluring Jung Byung Hee.

Goodness, there are hundreds perhaps even thousands of examples of G.O’s sexiness. He wears sexy as comfortably as he wears his clothes, and it always looks good on him. But I choose to narrow down his sexy for today to the KBS Sukira Radio studios visit back on 25 April 2013.

I have often declared G.O lethal. That is because he is a disarming balance of sizzling masculinity wrapped in playful charm . . . or, maybe it is the other way around! Either way, it renders him ridiculously attractive. Then when you toss in his talent, intelligence, and wit it increases the potency of both sides (you know, that yin and yang that I have often talked about) and makes him even more charismatic and dangerous. Dangerous in a good way, mind you.^^

When he is essentially doing nothing, he triggers sparks. But there are times when I have to believe G.O knows exactly what he is doing and as result, ignites those sparks into flames.

*Is it warm in here?*

G.O is my bias and I will always argue and believe he is the sexiest artist to have come out of South Korea. For me, no one can come remotely close. Again, fangirl license allows me to make such a bold declaration. But then, G.O certainly gives me lots of ammunition to back it up.

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