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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 651

Some of you may know this about me but in the world outside of my dedicated fangirl duties, I have been for some time and currently am an executive legal secretary in a law firm. So the notion of G.O participating in a variety program that placed him in a position of novice attorney is something I could absolutely appreciate. I have been around brilliant minds and venture to say that had he pursued a career in law, G.O would probably have made a formidable attorney. Attorneys are generally very quick thinkers and are persuasive. I would say G.O has those covered.^^ I must confess however that I have never had the privilege of working along side an attorney that has had his kind of charisma. Furthermore, I have yet to see an attorney light up a courtroom with the kind of hip groove G.O gave viewers during his stint on the MBC legal variety program, 연애 위자료 청구사건 [Dating Alimony Case]. For today then, a playful moment from the courtroom which also doubles as a G.O ~ Juri moment since, well they were both on the show and briefly shared the spotlight together.

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