The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 647

Lately I feel as if we are moving even more quickly to the discharge finish line. I think it began to feel that way once we were under 100 days. When we look back on when G.O entered training camp, the first day . . . that was officially Day 1 for this countdown. It is almost surreal to me that we are now at Day 647, with 84 days remaining. I know we all miss him, but he has certainly made this journey bearable by keeping us updated throughout, especially since February of this year. So I thought I would slow things down a bit today with a One Shot that honors the absolute beauty and tenderness of G.O’s soulful eyes. Then again, just looking at him could cause a quickening of one’s heart rate thus rendering the entire idea of slow moot. Either way, I just felt like a soulful eyes picture from our soulful main vocal.


Full of or expressing deep feeling; profoundly emotional.

No truer word in the English language could sum up this amazing capture of G.O or, G.O in general. Ever expressive, it is impossible to escape the emotion oozing from his deep and beautiful eyes. Not only does G.O make you feel something when you hear his voice while he is singing, getting lost in the soulful gaze of his eyes during a performance is equally mesmerizing. It is G.O’s quiet charisma that makes him a powerful performer. My goodness, I cannot wait to see him on the stage again.


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