The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 646


Ok, so Dress Up . . . I think we need to have ourselves a short visit with the provocative song and performance for today’s installment of Fan-Camming Friday.  I will concur that the whole of MBLAQ were outrageously sexy during all performances of this song: anytime, anywhere. But, because the hearts in my eyes flash the word G.O, you know I will always declare him the sexiest. At the Seoul Sensation Tour show on 23 November 2013, I found G.O to not only be in perfect vocal form, he was also the epitome of nonchalant sexy. You know, the kind of sexy that sneaks up on you, and is magnanimously seductive. The best part is that he does it without even trying.


Today when I sat down to write I knew I wanted a focused cam of G.O during a Dress Up performance. If you are like me, you might go through waves of thirsting for this song. Hearing it, watching it, absorbing it. I keep Dress Up locked away in the provocative vault along with You and Sexy Beat, allowing them out sparingly. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for large doses of sexy G.O. I am trying to pace myself, but he is certainly not helping with his Instagram antics and gorgeous and alluring selcas. Not complaining! So today I choose to overload.

G.O truly is effortlessly sexy.


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