The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 648

There is simply no denying that No Love is one of MBLAQ’s quintessential pop songs. It bursts with energy, melody and yes, sweetness. Of course, this is a group effort, but when you break it down and look at it, the bulk of the vocals were actually handled by G.O, Seungho and Mir. When the angelic voice of G.O holds some vocal weight in a song, that automatically pushes it into Vocal Virtuosity territory. Inasmuch as the studio version is pure perfection, G.O’s remarkable vocals in Nagoya during MBLAQ’s Zepp Sensation Tour in August 2013, showcased the absolute clarity, strength, control of his voice as well as the undeniable command he brings to the stage.

No Love is actually a sad song. A song about lost love, or losing one’s path to love. Yet, it teems with a hope that it will be found again. Even if our hero can’t feel the love, he nevertheless continues to search for it endlessly. Dropping all of that into an upbeat melody doesn’t make us sad. It gives us encouragement. Can you imagine if they reduced the tempo and put it all into a slow R&B groove? Hmmmmm… would indeed create an entirely new atmosphere and would even become quite heartbreaking. I cannot deny that I would love to hear it, though. I love when G.O’s voice rips my heart apart and makes me feel the heartbreak in a song. But here in No Love, I love the urgency in which he attacks the song making me believe there is hope.

눈물이 멈춘 곳으로
[I go to where the tears stop]
혼자인 널 다시 찾아 떠나가
[Again to you, who is alone]

G.O’s voice is a tidal wave of sound and emotion that I simply cannot wait to hear again. Can someone make these final 83 days move a little quicker, please?!^^


[Video cr. 링링]


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