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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 641

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For my One Shot today, a little bit of the art and poetry of Mona Lisa. It is no matter that Mona Lisa is now over six years old. I never tire of listening to it, in either of its Korean or Japanese incarnations. It is one of those early MBLAQ songs that has held up year after year and is as equally provocative visually as it is vocally. I also never tire of watching performance after performance of the song. Usually with One Shots I alternate between picture and .gif. Today, I felt like both.

From the stage on 25 October 2012, at the Gwangju Songwon University performance, I give you the ever handsome G.O who is gorgeous when captured in still life and complete poetry in motion when captured in movement.

The sublime.

And . . . the seductive.


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