The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 635

There are some days when a One Shot turns into a three shot because the moderator and author here (me) has no self control or, in her defense, cannot with good conscience decide upon whether one picture is better than the other in a series. This is one of those days.  So today, I will not allow her to choose and let her offer three gorgeous captures from the May 2011 Japanese KBS World Guide as seen through the lens of Love Letter Studio’s Han Seung Hoon.

In my attempts to figure out where these pictures originated from, I discovered a pretty interesting story about the photographer, Han Seung Hoon. He opened his Love Letter Studio in Korea back in November 2009 after running a successful studio for over a year in the United States. Seung Hoon did not start out as a photographer and in fact, started off as an English Literature major in college who also studied linguistics. Photography came as a coincidence when he was filming with a camcorder one day and realized that there was this direct correlation between linguistics and photography; that a picture can express words, language and indeed poetry all unto itself. He immediately changed his major to photography. And, an artist was born.

I believe Seung Hoon truly found his calling as he certainly captured the visual poetry of G.O in these alluring and quietly seductive photographs.

Pure art that is simply gorgeous.


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