The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 634

Wow…and double wow! G.O discovered Instagram Live and none of us will be the same again! Yes, late, late Saturday night, 11 November (and into the wee hours of Sunday), G.O all cozied up in his recording studio, hit the IG “Live” and for a little over six and a half minutes, shared some time with his followers. I had a feeling he would begin amping things up now that he has less than 100 days of service remaining, but I wasn’t expecting this!



Little by little G.O seems to be exploring the many options social  media has to offer, and this is a good thing. Perhaps he is making sure he is up to speed once he returns and puts that god of communication declaration into turbo mode. He is well on his way, don’t you agree?

In rewatching the broadcast, it seems he was getting acquainted with how IG Live works, was intently reading the comments, spoke a little (perhaps we will get a translation soon), and was overall coy and adorable.



Can you even begin to imagine future IG Live sessions that include music. Keep sending that hope into the universe friends, I am pretty sure it will happen ~ at least I hope it will!^^



[Video cr. MBLAQGO LUVU]


    • Michele says:

      It was such a wonderful surprise! I hope that he found it fun enough to repeat, and repeat often! It has been a long haul, but a quick one…and yes, he has a little over three months to go. The best part is that he is really helping fuel the momentum!😉

      • missienelly says:

        He sure is! Now that he discovers IG Live, I hope he does it more often. It definitely a window of opportunity for him to tell us his plan soon. So excited!

      • Michele says:

        He said in that Live sesh that once he has the venue rented for the fan meeting and appoints two people in charge of it, he will let us know. So yes…he definitely has another means by which to communicate. He also said he will meet us soon either by IG Live or chatting [in MBLAQ’s cafe]. Yes!! Momentum is growing and the best part of it all is that he is happy again.💕

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