The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 632

I know I cannot possibly be the only one of G.O’s fans who, in addition to love hearing him sing, finds his speaking voice equally charming and soothing. Lately, I have been taking a different approach to learning Korean. Instead of initially pouring over a textbook, I have decided to log hours of just listening. Remember the Sweet Music Box broadcast on SBS radio G.O did back in 2010 with Jung Go Eun? Those have been my constant listening skills teaching companion this past month. It is helping but since I really love the tone and timbre of G.O’s voice, I get easily distracted from the task at hand. Nevertheless, learning this way is actually a pleasurable experience. But what does this have to do with anything? Well, it is Fan-Camming Friday and I decided upon a cam from the 15 April 2012 Daejeon fan sign where fans were regaled with one of G.O’s cheeky discussions.

I am not sure what prompted the discussion of the Taiwanese drama, 판관 포청천 [Justice Po Cheong Cheon], but clearly G.O had a few things he wanted to say about the highly popular show. I did a little research on the drama and discovered that it originally aired in China in 1974 and went through subsequent incarnations throughout Asia. Its popularity blew up during the 1993 broadcast on the Chinese Television System with an astounding 236 episodes, and aired for almost an entire year. If my interpretation of the material I came across is somewhat accurate, the drama either aired or was remade in Korea in 2012. Nevertheless, it is a historical drama that has some major history of its own in connection with Korean television. And then . . . I can be completely wrong about all of this. <haha>

Where was I…? Oh yes, my favorite part of this cam is hearing G.O speak (even if I do not understand), of seeing him try to get a handle on the discussion (wait a minute . . . wait a minute), and then just watching him surrender to laughter (he’s done).

Hehehehe….always so cute!


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