The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 618

Just a cute and quick cam today by way of some minor theatrics at the Idol Star Athletics event in January 2012. G.O had a co-star in the cam this time, the adorable maknae, Mir. Leave it to these two to provide a touch of the dramatic to their fan service.

As you will see from the cam, the uploader took notice of G.O and Mir’s playful antics while serving up some fan service. Her cute segue of music between the enthusiastic and happy waves to the slow motion somber ones is spot on. She caught on to the method in their madness and provided a perfect soundtrack to their . . . performance.

That was cute, wasn’t it? Honestly, G.O and Mir could have their very own variety show. Can you imagine? They have a wonderful blend of talent individually, and then when you put that together, it blossoms even more. I cannot even begin to imagine the comedy antics they would bring to a show. Coupled with that of course is the potential for music. Oh my, now my imagination is soaring. Someone please call the networks and get on this! In nine months, this could be a full on reality! ^.~


[Video cr. shjh777]

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