The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 617

Wednesday night antics from the studio revealed G.O was about ready to engage in a high speed race. Buckle up G.Oddesses, it is Day 617 and we are getting closer to the finish line!

*Vrrrroooooom Vrrrroooooom*

On the evening of 25 October, G.O captured this amazing curved monitor shot of a car racing game [possibly Project CARS 2] he was playing. He captioned it : 차 사서 두바이왔다 [I bought a car and came to Dubai]. His update also included the hashtag: #급한용무카톡으로 [#KakaoTalkForUrgentBusiness]. Now, I am not about to begin trying to decode that. <hehe> However, if he would like to discuss the urgent business of his next chapter after the military ~~> On your mark. Get set. Let’s GO!


[Image cr. jung_g_o]

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