The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 615

Wouldn’t you love it if you turned on your television one evening to watch the news and saw G.O and Seung Ho sitting at the news anchor desk? I may for once watch the news if that were the case. Today I felt like a Playful G.O moment and thought his repartee with Seungho at the close of the Trend-E’s APink News broadcast back on 11 March 2011 would be nice since our beloved leader is now away serving his military duty.

So serious.

It seems from the very beginning these two had a rapport that was unmistakable. Perhaps it is because they are close in age, or perhaps it lies in the fact that our leader possesses a quiet gravitas which is a delightful foil to our mischievous main vocal. I still believe with all my heart that G.O is the one single member of MBLAQ who can make Seungho laugh the hardest. Mir comes close, but it seems it is G.O who has the perfect humor to bring out Seungho’s resplendent smile and hearty laughter.

Jung G.O girl . . . I like it!

And let’s face it, they are both very easy on the eyes. The two most handsome men in Korean popular music today, by my account any way.


[Image cr. bestiz; video cr. HyunAhBlaq]

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