The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 614

Well G.Oddesses, you wanted more video updates so it seems your wishes are becoming his command. Indeed. In the early afternoon hours of Sunday, 22 October, G.O gave us a surprise and with it, a good belly laugh.


Yes, while many were probably hoping and wishing for a song, G.O instead gave us a rather convincing impression of a gangster, or what we like to call them around these parts, a ‘wise guy,’ verbally roughing up someone. So let me set the possible scene so you can appreciate this even more. A gangster from another crime family throws down a threat to wise guy G.O saying something like, ‘yeah, well wait until The Boss hears about this.’ To which G.O retorts, ‘you mean the guy who lives in 남천동 [Namcheondong]? I ate dinner with your boss yesterday. That one?!’ Hahaahahaahaha! Basically he is saying your threats are in vain and more importantly, how dare you even threaten me. Looooove it!!

Now, this could be taken from some popular Korean 1970’s gangster movie. I don’t know. Or, he could be just channeling his inner wise guy, one that went in perfect tandem with that silly filter. One thing is for sure, G.O would make for one incredibly handsome and persuasive gangster…but then most notorious ones in crime history possessed explosive charisma and charm. Oh yeah, he most definitely has that part perfected.



Inasmuch I too await a video clip of him sharing his honey voice, I will take these comic clips every single one of the 117 days remaining in his service, absolutely.^^


[Video cr. jung_g_o]


  1. missienelly says:

    Hahahaha – what a goofball. I saw another singer posted the same line in his IG. I really want the app now! Anyway, as we are getting closer and closer to his discharge, he is getting sillier and sillier! Seriously, this build up emotion in me anticipating him out and free is growing stronger and stronger! Squeeeeeeee

    • Michele says:

      It is truly wonderful seeing him back to his playful and mischievous self. I really get the impression he is feeling and enjoying his freedom….a lot! And he finally seems truly happy again. I hope he has many artistic endeavors planned for the future. I cannot wait for him to return!!

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