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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 603


I cannot control myself when it comes to reminiscing and reflecting on Seopyeonje. The moments and memories of G.O’s Korean musical stage debut have imprinted and left their mark on me. I have recently been revisiting many of the Dong Ho specific songs from the musical and started rewatching videos from the 3 March 2014 showcase, particularly G.O’s performance of 흔적 [Traces]. Even though I understood the premise and storyline of Seopyeonje, I never really explored the lyrical content of the songs. When I attended my first Seopyeonje performance, I did not need to understand the lyrics because I felt the meaning being conveyed. In looking a little closer at 흔적 now however, I have discovered a deeper poignancy in the song; and, there is no better master at delivering poignancy in a song than G.O. Today, I share another Vocal Virtuosity moment from Seopyeonje.

In 흔적 [Traces], Dong Ho sings that although his memories of the past may be fading, the traces of his sister (the mark she left on his heart), keep the memories from completely disappearing. You will recall that Dong Ho wanted to leave, pursue a career, and discover his own voice. Initially, he begged his sister, Song Hwa to go with him. She was after all his calm, his protectorate in the ferocious storm that was their abusive father. Even though Song Hwa urged Dong Ho to go without her assuring him all would be well, he never seemed to recover from the guilt of leaving.

Sigh . . . G.O’s voice is filled with a  sweetness and poignancy that is achingly tender and heartbreaking.

Although Dong Ho walked away from the one good and positive thing that made his life bearable (his sister), he would always carry with him traces or memories of her. In the closing lines of the song he sings, 내 가슴에 남긴 너 [You remain in my heart], which is actually kind of bittersweet when you think about it. Yes, Song Hwa was always with him, even amid fading memories, she remains, her memory, her light and her love housed in his heart. At the same time, those traces continue to plague him with a guilt he cannot extinguish rendering all that he sought when he left, meaningless. Oh my, so very tragic and yet so beautiful.

No matter how many actors follow him in this role, the traces of G.O as Dong Ho will forever remain housed in my heart.


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4 thoughts on “The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 603

  1. I really like this performance.
    Especially when you are the audience, there is always a deep feeling.

    • Hi Janus!!! Long time no see.^^ I hope you are doing well.

      Yes, I agree. I really think that is his intent: to make us feel deeply when he sings these beautiful and poignant songs. All of Dong Ho’s slow ballad songs were like that. But I cannot dismiss G.O’s absolute force in the rock songs or the angered charged songs when Dong Ho argues with Yoo Bong. So powerful!!! Charged with passion and fire.🔥🔥

      Can you believe his service is almost over? The excitement is building!! He will be back soon!😀

  2. Yes Yes, I also look forward to this day for a long time …

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