The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 602

If I were to drop G.O into a cosmic futuristic fantasy comic book, manga or anime where his intergalactic powers included subduing you with a single glance, I would envision him to look as rendered in the piece of fan art I share today.

This piece is simply spectacular. It is winsome, dreamlike and laced with gentle intensity. By the delicate air bubbles and swirling currents around him, I am guessing G.O is under water. Another giveaway would be how the artist gave his hair movement as if it too were caught in the current. The beautiful rendition of his eyes is captivating, that penetrating and steady gaze is a combination of a challenge, and a lure.

One of the things I have seen consistent in G.O fan art is how the artists capture the wonderful curve of his lips. Just perfect. There are three distinct “G.O” elements here: the penetrating gaze of his deep eyes, the sensual curve of his lush lips, and the Chrome Heart rings adorning his long and slender fingers.

I have no idea how to credit this picture as I discovered it during a random search. There is a symbol or character in the lower right hand corner but I am not sure of its origin. If anyone is familiar with this fan art and where it originates from, please do share in the comments below.



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