The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 604

I think you will agree that G.O’s steady updates over these past eight months have been one of the ways he has shown his appreciation for his fans. He seems to want to stay in contact, to communicate, to reciprocate, and to even let us take this particular journey with him as he completes his military service. He has given us beautiful selcas, celebrated the wonderful upgrades he has made to his recording studio, as well as let us take a peek into how he relaxes and enjoys his downtime. G.O’s connect to his fans from what I have seen has been seamlessly congruent with the kind of celebrity he truly is: warm, friendly, humble and gracious. When I take a look back at G.O’s ‘fan service’ moments well before I knew who he was, nothing has changed from then to now. Sure he has matured; but when it comes to appreciating his fans, that has remained constant. For today’s Fan-Camming Friday offering, I choose a sweet fan appreciation moment from our affable main vocal captured back on 13 February 2012.

I have always believed that appreciation is not something we are necessarily born with, but something we learn and experience from our families, teachers, and friends. To some extent however, I think there has to be an intrinsic warmth within the heart that allows one to not only recognize the power of gratitude, but to display it sincerely. G.O is a beautiful blend of a warmth and graciousness that is never feigned or put on for show. It is open, genuine, heartfelt and indeed, ever-present.

The sweetness is almost unbearable . . . yet I find myself rewatching this short clip over and over just to feel the warmth of G.O’s soft smile as he makes his way through the audience connecting with his fans. He is so very lovely.


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