The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 598

Have you ever looked an opal gemstone? They are so unique. It seems as if there is an entire separate world living within in the stone itself. It has movement and captures light in a translucent vivid way. Known as the ‘Eye Stone,’ opals are like lightening in a rainbow, flashing their brilliance even with the slightest movement. They are pleasing to the sight, a seductive stone associated with love, passion, emotion and desire. They are also considered to be an inspirational stone to artists who write, dance, sing and play music. But what has any of this to do with G.O? Well, we have reached the letter O of The ABC’s of G.O and my word choice has opal as its foundation. Yes, to me, G.O is like a brilliant opal, he is opalescent.

O is for Opalescent

When something, or in this case someone, is opalescent, he or she is imbued with the qualities of an opal and can be iridescent, many-hued, lustrous and even sparkling. I think G.O is all of those but I especially favor many-hued and iridescent. To me, many-hued encompasses far more than what it implies on the surface.

Clearly, many-hued means that which has many colors and indeed, G.O is colorful in so many ways. Some of the first things that come to mind are his talent, vibrant personality, lightening quick wit and sharp intelligence, all of which have their own special color, facet or characteristic. All equally magnetic.

To deepen and enhance the understanding of many-hued, there is also his iridescence. From different angles, or in his case different songs, performances or stages, G.O’s colors seem to change and show varied luminosity. Some may think that G.O’s iridescence came unexpectedly. I believe it has always been there but maybe was somewhat hidden yet came into radiant fruition during the era and has been a mainstay ever since.

In the metaphysical world, an opal acts as a prism for light to filter through unleashing a full spectrum of color and radiance. When music moves through G.O, a full spectrum of passion and emotion are similarly unleashed.

Iridescent, vibrant, and unyieldingly opalescent, G.O glows with a light that for me is at times more brilliant than the sun.



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