The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 597

Do not let that mischievous and adorable smile up there fool you for one second into believing this is going to be a sweet cam offering for this Fan-Camming Friday. We all know how G.O’s intrinsic sweetness hits me hard, like sledgehammer-to-the-heart hard. With all of his recent updating, it has been sweetness overload – in a good way! So instead of simply adding to the sweet, I am going to about face and opt for the sexy. The overt, coming at you like a freight train sexy. Picture this, if you will: Daegu, 30 April 2011, G.O dressed in black, and Y. Ready?

What I like about Y is that it is not your typical break up song where the man is lamenting over a broken heart, pining for his love to return, fractured and devastated in the wake of the break up. Oh no, this tale is far from that very common break up song recipe.  is filled with anger, aggression and a desire for revenge. It is relentless from start to the final ‘it’s over.’

Nobody 이젠 날 말리지 말아줘요
[Nobody, now please don’t try to stop me]
더이상 그녀에게 놀아나기 싫어
[I don’t want to be played by that girl anymore]
천천히 이젠 난 주먹을 쥐려해요
[I’m going to slowly clench my fist now]
복수를 시작하려
[To start my revenge]

This is non-negotiable. This relationship is done and it sounds as if there will be no forgiveness. I like to think that Y is the kind of song that would come after a heart wrenching ballad in a musical where the devastated he (or she) begins to put the pieces of his or her heart back together and the pain begins to turn into anger. Isn’t that like the natural progression? The bliss, the break up, the pain, the anger, and ultimately resolution and acceptance. skips the bliss and break up part and comes at us with full blown anger. G.O makes you feel it in his desperate vocals and the powerful choreography compounds the message.

G.O so very commanding and sexy. Oh yes . . . I am really feeling Y today.



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