The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 599

It is Day 599 of G.O’s military service. I cannot believe that come tomorrow, he will be completing 600 of his 730 days. It is astounding how quickly the time has gone by. Maybe for some of you it feels like it has dragged but don’t worry, when you get to be my age it will speed up nicely for you, and then you will long for those days when it felt like it dragged! This is true. So we hit another milestone tomorrow and I am already celebrating. I cannot help it ~ I am getting very excited for his return. But, I still have 132 more days to fill here on the countdown, so I will try to keep my emotions in check. I am making it difficult for myself with today’s choice for our G.O One Shot. It is a .gif day and I decided on a moment from his small screen MV work with Ailee back in 2012 because quite frankly, G.O will show you . . . his eye gaze game is strong.

My goodness, so very strong.



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