The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 591

Okay, I am beginning to understand the recipe here ~ if we continue to challenge the probability of G.O updating, he very well may continue to rise to that challenge. <haha> Okay, I know it does not actually work that way, but it is fun to entertain the idea that G.O is feeling our collective anticipation for continued, steady and sigh-inducing updates, and the universe then conspires to make it happen. I don’t know what kind of strange magic is at play, but I am thrilled that G.O continues to spoil us. His latest posted last night is yet another sweet (and gorgeous) September selca.

A little coy, a lot of handsome.

I really love G.O’s fun filter work here, very retro. I do appreciate when his old soul shines through. And, how about the handsome level? Pretty high . . . but then with G.O, there is always so much handsome! He captioned this photo with “응 냉무” wherein he playfully insinuates that there is “no content.” For us non-Korean speakers, it is difficult to keep up with his laser wit and penchant for old school slang. For context, 냉무 is possibly derived from the phrase “내용 없음” [no content] and is old internet slang. That is, it was used when someone would write a post without content and only a subject.

However, here there is a picture. As far as I can tell, picture = content. ~😜😜

I cannot wait for his next update. Hopefully the upcoming Chuseok holiday will increase the probability of enjoying more of G.O’s incredible selca magic.


[Image cr. jung_g_o]

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