The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 590

Has anyone else been taking long strolls along Blaq Style street as of late? Blaq Style has been wooing me recently and I have been finding myself listening to the album exclusively as well as foraging the internet for pictures and cams. Apart from the eclectic blend of music on the album itself, the visuals that accompanied it in both MVs and public performances were simultaneously powerful and sensual. G.O settling into a softer look proved to be even more lethal when coupled with the fierce on stage performances of Oh Yeah and Stay. So in the interest of not giving you too much sensory overload, I offer two short G.O-focused cam clips from MBLAQ’s performance at the Wonju Oak Valley event on 5 February 2011.

Full of intensity and smolder, even in the chilly February air.

Indeed, G.O is the perfect storm of dreamy and fierce.


[Video cr. msshady/G.O-Letsgo]




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