The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 589

It is official: No day is safe from G.O’s selca survival report attacks! Just when I thought we could all relax after his stunning 24 September update, he swooped in like a ninja on the 27th, and gave us a rare Wednesday evening selca update. I have to say, I am loving his unpredictability.

G.O captioned this photo with a message saying that he just had a haircut. Looks like he may be in an elevator and in admiring his freshly shorn locks, decided to lets us have a look. In addition to his overall cuteness, I am just loving that shirt. G.O is very lean these days but nothing will hide the fact that his shoulders remain ever broad and strong.

It seems G.O has been keeping this military-esque hair game for the past couple of months and I like it. Keeping it in discharge-ready shape maybe? Mmmm…good idea. 142 days and counting.~^^

Later that evening (more like the wee hours of Thursday morning), G.O updated again, sharing a capture of a song he may have been or was about to listen to: Lee Seungchul’s 마더 [Mother]. G.O captioned the photo with 엄마 사랑합니다 [I love you, mom].


마더 is a heartfelt rock ballad sung beautifully by Seungchul. I have often wished G.O would give us a look into his playlist as I am curious to know what inspires him musically. I think it is safe to say he has and forever will have a special place in his heart for extremely melodic and vocally charged songs. Indeed, he knows a thing or two about those.

Mother ~ Lee Seungchul

With only a few days remaining in this 19th month of his service, it begs the question: will G.O close out September with any more updates? Stay tuned!


[Image cr. jung_g_o]

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