The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 586

Pausing two weeks before turning the camera once again upon himself, G.O updated his Instagram on 24 September with a stunning Sunday selca survival report that left us all in the dreamy haze of a collective sigh. He certainly knows how to pull the proverbial rug out from under our feet while still satisfying our desire to see him, doesn’t he?

I was beginning to wonder if we would see another selca in the month of September. It is not that G.O has neglected his sns, he hasn’t. He updated on 20 September and 22 September. First with a picture of himself from the MBLAQ archives, and second with this scoreboard update for a game he is currently playing. ⇓

But on 24 September, he once again added to what I like to call the At Home With G.O series, and gave us this beautiful Sunday surprise:

He is soooooo gorgeous!!

If I could draw, I think I would devote an entire series solely to G.O’s beautiful eyes. His eyes are incredibly expressive and soulful. Here, I still see the lingering 행복 [happiness] from his earlier September selcas.

Additionally, when he wears white, G.O’s eyes become even more pronounced. In fact, I love when he wears white because it brings out that deep dark chocolate brown of his eyes and gorgeous jet black hair (my favorite color on him). Just.So.Stunning.

G.O had not concluded his updating on Sunday night with selca only, however. Just before the clock struck midnight, he updated again letting us all know that in addition to making music in that sweet sanctuary of a recording studio, it also doubles as his own personal arcade.

Be careful soldier!!!! By the way, that is one very serious monitor, right? Well, game on with your bad self sir, and have fun!! <hehehe> Love him.~😘


[Image cr. jung_g_o]







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