The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 587

Today, it is quite simple. It is Tuesday and Tuesdays are generally unremarkable. If you work a typical corporate office job like I do, Tuesday is only the second day of the work week and still seems so far from the weekend. Really, there is only one way to give Tuesday a boost and I think the best option is a blast of explosive super sexy G.O circa the Cry era. It is a G.O One Shot day and it would be unfair to limit myself to only one shot today.

I admit that the Cry MV was a visual feast and that all five men of MBLAQ looked exquisite beyond comprehension. But G.O. G.O smoldered with an intensity that to this day still paralyzes my thought process and renders me weak and breathless.

So much power and charisma.

And unfathomable sex appeal.

Happy Tuesday! And . . . you’re welcome.~😘


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