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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 577

If I told you you were beautiful, would you date me on the regular?

Sometimes a Vocal Virtuosity moment shows up when I least expect it. So as you all know, I joined the MBLAQ party train late in the game. As a result, I missed a lot. A-LOT. Even if G.O had to complete four years of military service I still do not think that would give me enough time to see, hear and experience everything he has done these past ten years he has been living his dream as a singer, composer and actor. There is SO MUCH. I love it of course as it is keeping me busy while he is away. So today I discovered something I had not seen (or heard) before and I knew immediately that I wanted to secure it in the Vocal Virtuosity archives. I know all of you dedicated MBLAQ-philes remember the ETN Entertainment News Interview back on 23 June 2010. You also know then that even if it was brief, G.O covered some Justin Timberlake.

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