The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 567

When I sat down to write on this 567th day of G.O’s service, the first thing that came to mind was that I simply wanted to hear his voice. Paging through the catalog of songs I had no idea which one to choose as all are special and perfect in and of themselves. Then I remembered back before his first performance in Seopyeonje, G.O had visited the KBS CoolFM studios with co-star Cha Ji Yeon wherein he sang a few bars of 청춘이 묻는다 [Youth Asks], without music. Just his voice. Impromptu in the studio.

I know I covered G.O singing this song in previous posts and in fact, not too long ago. No, I am not getting lazy as we reach the home stretch of his service nor I am running out of ideas. I simply felt like hearing his voice without music accompaniment and this pre-musical musical moment immediately came to mind. This short clip is a perfect From The Studio moment that has vocal virtuosity written all over it. And yes, it may be a short, but it is nevertheless a beautiful example of the strength and clarity in G.O’s voice . . .

. . . and how effortlessly music flows from him into the atmosphere . . . straight into our hearts.


[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. KBS CoolFM]



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