The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 523

It will never worry me if any of you dear readers think that I have fallen into senility when you visit the blog during this countdown series and discover that I am once again writing about the perfect balance of the sweet and the sexy that exists in G.O. You can call me redundant and I will not mind because I will never tire of declaring this fact. The variety of proof available forces me to continue visiting this phenomenon! Today, I came across a blog from a Korean blogger who discussed this very fact. She called G.O a chameleon, able to segue comfortably between incredulous sweetness and undeniable sexy. Girlfriend was on point. Once again, I cannot help but take another peek at the perfect and attractive yin and yang of G.O.

The Yin

Sweet. Charming. Playful. And, in so much abundance. For some, it is the yin in G.O that captures attention first. His coy and soft smile is forever warm and friendly. I have read and heard from long time fans so often that G.O’s nurturing spirit often feels maternal. His penchant for cooking and overall concern for others saturates him in sweetness. Additionally, he has an ability to ignite the inner child in all of us. I find G.O’s ever quick wit and mischievous spirit abundantly attractive.

Of course, it is always good to have a playful partner in crime such as our cheeky maknae Mir!

The Yang

Intense. Steamy. Sensual. I gamble to say that G.O’s sexy game has been strong since . . . well, since forever. From the searing gaze of his penetrating eyes, powerful physique, and compelling stage presence, G.O creates a fury of emotion when he steps on a stage and locks into a performance. Our mighty main vocal is a force to be reckoned with and once caught in the lair of his smolder, it becomes impossible to escape. He may not have been deemed MBLAQ’s visual of the group, but I can guarantee he never goes unnoticed.

Ok yes . . . any more of that and something will start on fire!

If you are like me it is impossible to choose one over the other. Then again, when the quantities are stacked up as equally as they are in this brilliant young artist, there is no need to choose. For in G.O, you get the best of both worlds, every day.


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