The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 510

Back on Day 474, I took a look at G.O’s airport style as MBLAQ headed to Bangkok on 13 March 2013 for a live concert performance. The men returned to Seoul four days later. Once again, G.O’s airport style was full of comfort with ever-present class and elegance. Every day in every way, G.O makes casual look so good.

Yes, the Louis Vuitton eyewear and his favorite Chrome Hearts jewelry make this ensemble pop for me. Rarely do we see G.O in a denim shirt and this sweet button down over a black tee doubling as a jacket looks cozy and comfortable. He really does look amazing in blue. Bringing more comfort and indeed style to the mix are his Chrome Hearts sweat pants over Doc Marten-esque boots. I think in his own quiet way, G.O understands fashion and style and works it to his advantage while not forfeiting comfort.

G.O’s style indeed is a perfect blend of comfort and style all balanced by good taste.


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