The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 511

It is the middle of the week so why not a little Fan-ART-astic fan art today? It is Day 511. Can you believe that in less than a month’s time, G.O will have under 200 days left to serve? Each day I feel the excitement growing. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I am five years old! It is probably that child-like wonder in me that really appreciates fan art. I know I have said this before, but if I could draw, my model of choice would be G.O. However, since I cannot, I will continue to ardently admire those who do. Today’s offering comes from the incredibly prolific Victoria Dmitrieva, also known as SakuTori.

This beautiful rendition of G.O from the Japanese Still In Love era is winsome and romantic. As I believe G.O has very expressive eyes, I am always awed by artists who capture that expressiveness. SakuTori captures the dark depth of G.O’s eyes wonderfully. I happen to think that G.O could very well be a portrait artist’s dream with his perfect facial proportions and most notably, curvaceous lips.

He’s a stunner and SakuTori captures all of that stunning perfectly.


[Image cr. SakuTori]


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