The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 505

I am really quite grateful that there have been many western songs that have resonated with G.O to the point where he has revisited them on several occasions, letting us hear them more than once. In the early part of his career there were many songs from the Eric Benét songbook that captured G.O’s attention. Beautiful ballads crafted perfectly in melody and lyric that he artfully made his own by wrapping them in his own velvety voice. We have heard G.O sing Benét’s The Last Time a few times. I think his 8 December 2009 T-Store Live Session performance rises above the rest. I revisit it today as a sort of throwback Thursday moment remembering the poise, elegance and exquisite talent of this astonishing young man.

There is something very old school about this performance that reminds me of the crooners of yesteryear. Vocalists like Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke come to mind who in addition to their magnetic charm, were classy and sophisticated, with smoother than smooth vocals.

It would not surprise me to discover if somewhere deep in his music files G.O actually owned a little Nat or Sam in his collection. No, it would not surprise me at all.


[Video cr. K dongwoo]

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