The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 504

In keeping with the gentle flow from yesterday, my One Shot will ease right into that momentum with a .gif taken from the MV for G.O’s second digital single, Play That Song. Captivating and romantic, it is a wonderfully soothing way to help push us softly over the hump of the midweek and inch us closer to the weekend.

G.O radiates warmth. It is something that seems to always be present and just oozes from him. If auras were visible to the naked eye, my guess is that the color of G.O’s would be a glowing incandescent amber, warm and sensual. His eyes, his eyes, his remarkable eyes are tender and seductive, and are capable of igniting a fire in the soul that would assuredly warm the entire body. Add his voice to the mix and, well it’s pretty much game over.

Play That Song





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