The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 497

I admit that I am still mulling over G.O’s comment in his Daum Cafe chat about not being able to choose clothes which was kind of his way of saying he did not have fashion sense. This of course is nonsense! It seems rather clear that G.O’s self-deprecating humor has traveled with him throughout the years. An early instance came back in March 2010 during the press conference held introducing the cable fashion program, Coco & Marc 2.

He can argue all he wants, but by my estimation, casting G.O as MC for a fashion program would indicate that he had fashion sense or, had a valuable opinion about style and fashion. This was G.O’s first MC gig and of course his intelligence and quick wit most probably factored in. I mean, he is a pretty sharp and gregarious guy. And then, there was the fact that he would MC opposite three ladies, one of which was comedienne Jung Juri. G.O and Juri = comedic heaven!

During the press conference, everyone got the opportunity to experience a preview of G.O’s cheeky humor. I have not come across a subbed version of the conference (if anyone has it, please share a link to it in the comments section). I did, however, come across a translated article about the conference which included some of G.O’s comments to the media that day.

According to G.O, his outfit concept for the conference was difficult to explain because it was different. He said his ‘coordi is an anti’ which I am guessing meant that his outfit concept was not coordinated. Hey now mister, I think you were wonderfully casual, colorful and coordinated. <hehe> Perhaps he meant the various pieces that comprised his look were not necessarily meant to go with each other. He did state however, that ‘It’s a conference but nevertheless I’m dressed quite decent and my actual concept is semi-casual. I concur.~😃

Finally, when asked the reason he was chosen as an MC for the show, he answered with honesty and yes, a little bit of that self-deprecating humor: ‘I’m outspoken and my face is not very good-looking.’

This man . . . 😜!


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