The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 498

Today, I am opting for a soft and demure, yet arguably strong and sexy One Shot. One that can be easily be categorized as romantic yet brims with raw unadulterated sensuality. You know, the kind that confirms that quintessential yin and yang G.O unequivocally possesses and quietly owns.

As always, there a softness in G.O eyes that is impossible to describe. Sometimes it is best displayed when he looks at the camera tentatively with the hint of a very gentle smile as he does here. He must know that there are moments when, for some, he makes the ground unsteady. On one of my recent trips to Seoul, I met someone who knew G.O personally who said that he was the epitome of graciousness, extremely polite always greeting with a deep bow and kind words; and in the same breath said . . .  a sexy guy. Herein again more proof that G.O is the perfect balance of powerful yet soft, gentle yet intense and yes, sweet and undeniably sexy.

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