The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 496

I think you might be hard-pressed to find another who can make a face mask as sexy of a fashion accessory as G.O can. He proves it time and time again that a small piece of fabric that operates as either something to secure his health or serves to allow him to travel somewhat incognito, is never obstructive and hardly reduces the amount of handsome that oozes from the very being of his charismatic presence. I shuffled through some airport pictures and came across MBLAQ’s return to Seoul from México back in August 2013, and found one of my favorites of his casual styles: the man capris, fashionable t-shirt, conductor cap and yes, ok, even that (why must he cover his beautiful lips) face mask.

Maybe it is because G.O has such hauntingly beautiful and expressive eyes that I don’t make too much of a fuss when he covers his face. I understand the necessity of face mask wear for various reasons. As I mentioned earlier, health definitely provokes the need as does being able to quietly pass through the airport – unless of course the media is there to escort him.~^^ Sometimes I think he may wear a face mask because he has not had the opportunity to shave which really for him is never a problem, right? Still, it is understandable especially given the long, long, looooooong flight time from México to Seoul. Face mask aside, I love this over all look.

This was summertime and the decision to wear light loose-fitting clothes for a long flight was wise. He looked so comfortably fresh returning home and yes, ever stylish. That camo on white v-neck t-shirt hugs the broad expanse of his chest and strong shoulders without tension. Have you ever seen a more perfect fitting t-shirt? Even the length is perfect falling loosely at his hip line. Was this shirt custom made?! Ok, maybe it is just that G.O is magnificently proportionate and clothes simply love his kind of proportions!

I really do appreciate the way G.O subtly accessorizes. Hats are a given. They all look good on him. And the elegant square-faced watch and his favorite Chrome Hearts jewelry are, for lack of a better word . . . . simply the coolest.


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  1. Ride The Wave says:

    I was starting to despair. In the MBLAQ fan café!!! We have hope! Will they possibly get back together?

    • Michele says: not despair. There has not been talk of separation or an end to MBLAQ that I have seen or heard. I think Seung Ho, G.O and Mir are in the perfect position now, free to pursue their individual projects as well have a comeback when all three have completed their service. But I have always felt that regardless of what the future holds, they will always shine bright and be successful ~ collectively and individually. We just have to keep supporting and loving them every step of the way!^^

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