The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 483

In the past during this Countdown series, I have placed fan art among the G.O One Shots I have shared along the way. That is fine and a reasonable place to share the art. However, today is not a One Shot day. Nevertheless, I really felt like sharing some fan art so I will move out of the one shot parameter here and simply share something from the talented and creative Woorugo. The picture above is the guide to where the art will lead us.

When I look at Woorugo’s work, I get the impression that G.O is her muse. And whether her renditions are free hand or otherwise, she still vividly captures the essence of his delicate magic.

As well as the emotion of the moment captured in the original photograph.

I think the precision in her work is exquisite and often ethereal and breathtaking.


[Image cr. as tagged]


    • Michele says:

      Agree!! And, Woorugo has some amazing renditions of G.O. I love her work. She captures his softness, even in intense moments. I love it.😍

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