The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 476

It has been over a month since I offered a Windows To Your Soul ~ The G.O Eye Connect post here on the Countdown. It is not that I am slacking, it is just that I need to build up some resistance to G.O’s penetrating gaze. Back in April 2011, he all of about left a few hearts shipwrecked during MBLAQ’s performance at Kang Hwa Island. The wonderful A Lucky Day and SoulStar were successful in capturing his attention while pointing their cameras at him. Once he locked in, he let all kinds of flirtatious sweetness and charm invade their lenses.

Capturing a moment of levity is one thing. Capturing a smile while G.O is gazing into your lens is like winning the lottery. Add to your winnings if you are able to capture his attention while he is performing.

Sometimes when I watch G.O perform, I feel like a deer caught in headlights. For those who don’t understand the analogy, it means being stunned. Paralyzed. Unable to move. Unable to even think. Everything freezes and then I remember I need to breathe. The Kang Hwa Island performance and particularly A Lucky Day’s captures, are probably among my absolute favorites. Not only did G.O sound sensational, he looked simply ravishing.


When G.O gazes into the camera, it is almost overwhelming. No matter how debilitating it may become, I still love the way he connects to his audience. As I have written here often, G.O’s connect comes with many parts, with the most important being his music. When he gazes out into an audience and locks his gaze onto either your eyes or the lens of your camera however, in some ways the connect becomes deeper and more meaningful. Lucky are those who have experienced being trapped in his gaze.

Lucky, indeed.


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