The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 468

I adore a demonstrative singer. I love to watch a song invade the very psyche of a vocalist and render him helpless to its melody, lyrics and emotion. The kind of connect with a song that makes it become the absolute control center of every nerve ending in his body. So much so that the song moves through a vocalist at will controlling all senses. This is what I believe a song does to G.O. I have written about it often here because it is something that I find fascinating about him as vocalist. I love that he lets a song in, and lets it have its way with him. We have reached the letter D in my quirky sub-category of this countdown and my choice for the fourth letter of the alphabet is demonstrative.

D is for Demonstrative

There are many ways G.O is demonstrative but it is probably best displayed while he is performing and, specifically, when he is lost in song. Whether it is his facial expressions, the way he closes his eyes, how he achingly grabs his chest, or when he crouches over during particularly powerful moments or notes during a song, there is no denying G.O is feeling every note and lyric.

There are hundreds of examples I could share of this tender and emotional man to help me explain why I believe he is a demonstrative performer. But I will limit myself to two songs that I feel that are among his most demonstrative. Two songs that I have talked about here often, and two songs that quite literally destroy me.

Song for Your Tears

* * *

I do not know what it is about this song. Did he live the story in the song? A deep love and tragic break up? Or is it a connect with the melody and poetry of the lyrics that grab at the nerve endings of his tender heart? What amazes me even more is that it is a western song written and sung in English. It is not like G.O had the song translated into Korean to sing it. No. He wrapped his entire being around a song that was not even written in his native language. And felt every bit of its meaning to his core. It exploded from him physically as much as it did vocally.

너를 위해 [For You]

I chose G.O’s King of Mask Singer performance of 너를 위해 [For You] because even though he is disguised, he is nevertheless powerfully demonstrative.  There is a certain point in this performance when I feel as if G.O has completely forgotten where he was, became completely unaware that there was an audience, did not care about votes and just let the song take control. I don’t think I have ever watched a vocalist surrender to a song in the way that G.O does. You can see it as much as you can hear it. You can see it as much as you can feel it.

For me, G.O has no equal. For me, when the music gods made him, they destroyed the blueprint.


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  1. JANUSQQ says:

    The first time I heard him sing 너를 위해 [For You] in King of Mask Singer, I cried … T.T

    • Michele says:

      I completely understand, Janus!! It was such a powerful and moving performance. He sang it with so much emotion. It is a heartbreaking song in and of itself…then with his voice and interpretation, the ache is almost unbearable. I still cry watching the KOMS performances. His gentle Gwanghwamun Sonata is so tender and beautiful. I will always appreciate G.O’s choice to sing songs that mean something to him. That really, really mean something to him. He is so precious…♡.

  2. JANUSQQ says:

    WOW…I am looking forward to see G.O standing again on the stage.
    He will be back after eight months, really exciting ^^

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