The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 467

The sophistication of the Broken era will never lose its luster for me. The suits. The maturity. The elegance. The poise. The evolution of the music. All of it. Today, a G.O One Shot in .gif form. A moment taken from one of the late autumn 2014 stages.

Sigh . . . I admit to feeling rather nostalgic these days. I look back on these autumn 2014 performances with sadness. But, I also feel immense gratitude. In fact, even as difficult as the days that followed the autumn of 2014 would prove to be, I knew I had found the artist of my dreams. I knew that wherever G.O’s journey would take him, I would continue to support him through it all. I have been holding true to that promise and cannot wait for his next chapter. Whatver he decides to do, wherever it takes him, I will follow.


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