The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 466

It has been a while since I have had a little CF fun on the Countdown. I know it is Sunday, but sometimes Sundays are fun days, right? I am sure you remember the short burst of high octane energy the men of MBLAQ brought to their endorsement of Ball’n athletic footwear back in the late autumn of 2011. Call me crazy, but in addition to enjoying G.O as a genuinely talented artist, I admit to enjoy watching him just have a little fun.

Ok, so maybe there were some strike-a-pose serious moments for the photo shoot, but that is sometimes expected for print ads. But when our cheeky main vocal was allowed to let loose and have fun, his gregarious and playful sense of humor took over.

Sometimes I like to get a little backstory about the brands MBLAQ has endorsed over the years. I found out that Ball’n sports brand was born in Chicago (my hometown) back in 1991 by a man named Rodney Jeter. Rodney said that the vision for his brand was ‘to create authentic athletic apparel and footwear that support the development of athletes in their everyday lives.’ And went on to say, that ‘the brand is about great products, love for the game, and a need to connect youths with the global community through sports.

Hmm… well inasmuch as G.O is not a professional athlete, I think he would still agree that the demanding choreography of a good number of MBLAQ’a songs required an athleticism equal to that of many sports players. Martial arts legend Bruce Lee often said that dancers were the most disciplined athletes. Athletes combine grace, balance and strength. The physical demands of those early idols days may not have taken place on a traditional playing field, track, rink or court but they were their own special game nevertheless, and I think you will agree that our charming main vocal man is a sublime combination of grace, balance and strength.

A unique and special brand of athlete.





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