The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 459

While it is true that the majority of us are missing G.O as he completes his military service, you have to agree that he has been diligent and consistent in providing us updates (or as I like to call them, survival reports) throughout the course of his time away thus far. I mean, he has been REAL generous. Since February of this year, he seems to be on track with giving us monthly updates. He hit us hard for May (and it is only the middle of the month) with his Instagram post on the 13th. I think the squees, sighs and screams were heard worldwide when he hit the send button. Seriously.

Actually, I have no words other than: OH MY GOD!!!

You know, the really special thing about G.O’s updates as of late is that the bulk of them have been selcas. And, many have been of himself in his gorgeous recording studio. This leads me to believe that G.O is (a) very comfortable with the space he has built to write, compose and record; and (b) he is no doubt writing, composing and recording ~ and letting us know he is indeed doing so.~^^


[Image cr. G.O]

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