The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 460

The third letter of the alphabet is C and admittedly, I could get through this post with ease with any number of words that accurately describe G.O. Cute, charming, cuddly, etc. But, as I mentioned when I began this sub-category to the Countdown series, I want to dig deeper and find unordinary words that describe the extraordinary Byung Hee.

C is for Canorous

Canorous is perhaps one of the more perfect words to describe G.O, and specifically, his voice. At least, it would be one of the many ways I would describe his voice most assuredly: rich, melodious, resonant and pleasing in sound. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of examples of the canorous vocals of G.O; however, as I have been remembering the spring of his musicals as of late, I am going to choose G.O’s performance of 연가 from the 3 March 2014 Seopyeonje Showcase.

The tender melody, G.O’s gentle gaze, and that canorous voice.

I do believe this is the perfect word to describe G.O’s perfect voice backed by a perfect performance. After all, the word canorous comes from the latin word canere which means~~~> sing.


[Video cr. Wook-hee Jeong]




  1. Michele says:

    Hi Janus, I agree. His work in Seopyeonje is simply amazing. His voice is such perfection! Nice to see you still visiting the blog!^^

  2. JANUSQQ says:

    Of course, I follow your blog every day honestly. I’m waiting for him as much as you are ^.^

    • Michele says:

      Oh…that is so nice to hear! I hope you are enjoying the posts as much as I enjoy writing them. I know I am not offering anything new, but taking a moment to honor him each day has helped make the past 15 months fly by! He has less than a year remaining. It is incredible how quickly time moves. We have been so fortunate in that he has updated regularly. He must know how much we are missing him! And, maybe he is missing us a little, too! ~.^

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