The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 458

On 20 May 2014, G.O took his final bow on the Seoul Arts stage following his performance in the closing show of 바람의나라  [The Kingdom of the Winds]. These nine days of Kingdom have ignited so many memories and with those memories, so many emotions. I have enjoyed revisiting some of the G.O moments I have shared these past nine days of his time in Kingdom. Today, I will close this sub-series with a charming curtain call moment with the adorable musical actor whose performance of the sweet Prince Ho Dong filled so many of us with empathy for the tragic young monarch in a dangerous kingdom.

By his final performance, I have to believe G.O was exhausted yet he looked exhilarated and full of joy during his final curtain call that lovely spring day in May. The smile could not escape him. I hope in many ways he felt a sense of pride in his accomplishment. The two roles he took on that spring were important lead roles in two very well-respected masterpiece musicals. Maybe I am making a huge deal out of this, but I happen to believe in how very important it was for G.O to have been cast in both roles and then to perform them as if he was always meant to do so.

Back on May 20th, his happiness was evident and uncontainable. And as he is always want to do, he gave his fans a little extra special appreciation and love.

It was the spring of musicals for our charming main vocal and he proved (quite effectively so), that his talent was (and is) big enough to stretch beyond the concert stage.

G.O further proved that his ability to combine acting with music was second nature to him, and that quite plainly, there are simply no boundaries to his limitless talent.


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