The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 437

Maybe because it is spring that I have been honing in on G.O’s sexiness as of late. I mean, he has always been sexy in my opinion and I have not shied away from stating that fact here ~ and quite often. But lately it seems to be getting mentioned frequently in my Countdown posts. Hehehehe….I suppose as spring continues to bloom making way for steamy summer, I will be compelled to share G.O’s special kind of sexy. Most of the time, it is quiet and sneaks up on you. Sometimes though, it is full on blatant. That kind, (the second kind) is quite prevalent in my G.O One Shot offering for today.

Wild and sexy, to be sure.

In physical aesthetics, some folks liken a V-line to the face. But my particular favorite kind of V-Line is that found in the broad shoulders down to the waist of a man, perfectly demonstrated here in the sultry shot above. Yes, it is safe to say that G.O’s V-line could not be more symmetrical and perfect. He is indeed a sexy work of art.


[Image cr. as tagged]

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