The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 436

I am not quite ready to leave MBLAQ’s participation in the K-Pop Heal The World show in Singapore back in June 2011. Moving from the lovely selca yesterday and into Fan-Camming Friday,  I found a short clip of a G.O-focused cam captured at the very end of MBLAQ’s performance of 다시 [Again]. Short like in 20 seconds short. That is short. But it is Friday and everyone should be eager to start the weekend, right? I will even try to keep my words at a minimum. <~~~ Is that even possible?

G.O brought yesterday’s selca magic handsome and overflowing talent and charisma directly to the stage back on 4 June 2011 when MBLAQ performed at the K-Pop Heal The World show in Singapore. The black and white suits the men wore were stylish and attractive. Visually they looked great. And G.O’s hair swept off of his forehead was roguish and charming.

Gosh, he looked so handsome, didn’t he? MBLAQ were on fire that night during their five song set and the Singapore fans were quite judicious in capturing the performance of the entire group in many of the cams. There were some focused cams but I only came across this short one of G.O ~ but I will take it! I swapped out the audio on shasha17n’s video to edit in the close of 다시 [Again] because even according to her, “The sound system sucks man! ARGH!!!”

Also according to shasha17n, videoing was not allowed yet she still managed to capture this fine 20 second clip on the sly. Nice work, fangirl! And, thank you!


[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. shasha17n]

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