The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 431

There was a reason MBLAQ titled their fifth mini album Sexy Beat. When you look at all of the visuals that exploded from print to video, to live stage performances throughout promotion and beyond, everything about that album (and era) oozed sexy. The men were maturing and settling into their masculinity and with Sexy Beat, it showed. For the G.O One Shot today, I take a shot from the Sexy Beat era offered in .gif form.

G.O’s look and style during this era was edgy and sizzling hot. His partially shaved head was sleek and his hair pushed back off of his forehead gave perfect balance to the variety of eclectic eyewear he accessorized with throughout promotions and performances.

When I believe he cannot possibly get any sexier, G.O ups his game. His brand of sexy however evolves from much more than what we can see. We can find G.O’s sexy bank overflowing with so many wonderful characteristics, including a few of my favorites: he is genuine, honest, intelligent, humorous and kind. Not to mention quietly charismatic and full of charm. He definitely embodies my kind of sexy.~^^

~😍 ~

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