The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 428

I often wonder when G.O became MBLAQ’s official main vocal if he realized how much dancing he was going to be required to do. Choreography is part of the Korean pop idol package but he is primarily a romantic balladeer. As we all know, ballads do not really require choreography. I can only hope G.O surprised himself with how well he could . . . move. I pretty much view dancing as a sport, and much of MBLAQ’s choreography was quite athletic, especially in aggressively intense dance tracks like Run. Along with its searing vocals and powerful rap, Run was designed to be visually spectacular. And indeed it was when our gorgeous men in black brought their fierce martial arts themed performance to the K-Collection Fashion Concert stage back on 11 March 2012.

I know I am a day ahead of my scheduled Fan-Camming offering, but it is no matter when there are so many wonderful fancams of our ever-talented main vocal man who offers as much visually as he does vocally. Indeed. And trust me, there is a fun one scheduled for tomorrow in any event.~^^

When I find a cam or pictures that I like, I invariably will veer off of my own path. Kind of like the wild ride G.O has sent me on since abducting my heart! This is true. It happened with this post today, the 429th day of his service. Do you realize that in five short days, G.O will have under 300 days remaining in that service? Can you believe it?!! It is hard to contain my excitement, but I know I need to focus if I am going to stay the course here!! G.O is the main attraction on my blog right now but he also proves to be my biggest distraction when I am trying to get things done. ><

Where was I? Ok, yes, the K-Collection Fashion Concert back in March 2012. One of the reasons I love this performance overall (and that includes all of the songs MBLAQ offered from that stage that evening) is G.O’s style that night. He always looks spectacular, but I LOVE what he was wearing for this performance.

The black on black on black looks even more dramatic with the lighter color hair he was sporting during this time. I say it often, but not have said it in a while, clothes wear G.O so very well. The loose and comfortable fit of this ensemble allowed him freedom of movement for the demanding bursts of dynamic choreography in Run.

Run essentially is a rap-oriented track. Again, highly visual, especially during the explosive ninja-esque dance break. G.O’s recorded music track at the foundation of the chorus, which he handles, comes in like a bolt of lightening. It is fierce and ushers the flow of the rap perfectly and is a nice interlude as the bulk of Run rumbles through you like a seismic event.

Mr. Handsome does not have a ton of vocal time in Run, but his presence on the stage is nevertheless a force seen best in the powerful choreography, the intense stares out into the expanse of the audience, and in this performance, a quick flirtatious wink (did you catch it around the 2:13 mark?) to remind us of his irresistible charisma and charm.


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