The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 427

When shuffling through your MBLAQ collection do you ever come to the Y  album and get stuck there for awhile? I do. The reason I get stuck on Y is mostly because of the dreamy ballad Last Luv. Oh the feels that song gives me. But today, I want to focus a Vocal Virtuosity moment towards MBLAQ’s 8 June 2010 performance of What U Want on MNet’s The Pub Only You Concert. I am going to be a bit brazen here because I really wish to focus on the last minute or so of the performance, for obvious reasons.

Ok, first of all, how smooth and sexy is What U Want? The jazzy flow of the song and suggestive lyrics really set this song apart from much of MBLAQ’s catalog. Likewise, you certainly did not hear many (if any) of their Korean popular music counterparts including this kind of mature sophistication on an album. One of the many, many reasons I adore MBLAQ is that they are fearless when creating the kind of music they want to create.

Additionally, I LOVE that they always seem to think outside of the box, explore genres and create sounds that are unique to them.

Tell me what u want
눈을 맞추면
[If our eyes meet]
Tonight`s the night,
night the night
가슴이 멈춰
[My heart stops]

심장이 타들어가
[My heart is burning]
뭔가 필요 할지도 몰라
[I might need something]
부끄러 하지 말아
[Don’t be shy]
서로 눈이 말하잖아
[Our eyes are talking to each other]

Throughout the song, G.O’s voice is plaintive and perfect ~ he is filled with emotion asking what you want because tonight he wants to give you his all. *faints*

This here song has some grown up lyrics my friends. G.O primarily leads the chorus but his lines in the verse above, ‘Don’t be shy, our eyes are talking to each other,’ are flat out seductive. Those lyrics lead into the final choruses of the song which then usher in the double maknae rap with luscious G.O improvs weaving around it. Finally, it ends with G.O’s sweet proclamation, ‘Only one for you…ooo.’ *faints again*

This Vocal Virtuosity moment was particularly sweet, smooth and so very seductive.

Finally, I cannot help but add how much I looooovve that the title of this song is in English, that the chorus is primarily in English and that it closes with English . . .  being sung by G.O. Triple happiness!!


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